About me

Hi, I’m Julie. I’m a born and bred Londoner in her 30s who didn’t go abroad until the age of 20 and has been making up for it ever since.

So far I’ve been to 21 countries and have travelled most extensively in South America, where I backpacked for four months in 2007. I also lived in Barcelona in 2001-02, when I made first pesetas then Euros (and not many of either) as a TEFL teacher.  I also love to learn languages and speak decent Spanish, passable (?!) Portuguese and basic French, German and Italian.

Julie at home in Brixton

Julie at home in Brixton

Twenty-one countries is only about 10% of the globe, so I’ve got so much still to see! Join me on my journey as I plan my next trip (for spring 2014) and try to figure out how to create a business that helps fellow ‘flashpackers’ to connect and enables me to realise my own travel goals.



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